Types of Teaching Jobs and Programs

Private Language Schools

Private schools, or hagwons, are the biggest portion of the job market.

Public Schools

The English Program in Korea, called EPIK, is the primary public school program.

After School Programs

After-school programs operate in the private sector, similar to hagwons.

Private Schools

Known as hagwons in Korea

Private schools in Korea have many names. Language schools, English academies, private language institutes and after-school programs are some of the more popular terms. In Korea they’re simply known and referred to as ‘hagwons’ which essentially means private school in English.

Private schools are responsible for hiring the majority of foreign teachers in Korea. 

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Public School Program

English Program in Korea

The English Program in Korea, generally referred to as EPIK, is the primary public school program in South Korea. EPIK is essentially a government office which is tasked with screening, approving and ultimately distributing foreign teachers to all of the Education Offices around the country. 

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Private Schools vs Public Schools

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