Basic Requirements For Teaching in Korea

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Am I eligible for teaching jobs in Korea?

The following list of requirements are necessary for securing work in South Korea as a foreign English teacher. These requirements are the minimum prerequisites, all of which are necessary for landing jobs and the respective E2 work visa with Korean Immigration.

Basic Requirements


Required Documentation


Eligibility Explained

Native English Speaker

First and foremost, you’ll need to be a native English speaker in order to qualify. Most Korean schools require candidates to have completed all of their education in English from grade 7 through university.

Bachelors Degree

Secondly, you must have an undergraduate degree – bachelors degree – from an institution that resides within one of the designated English speaking countries (US, CA, UK, IR, AS, SA, NZ).

Passport & Citizenship

Thirdly, you’ll need citizenship from an English speaking country. Korea recognizes the following countries as native English speaking nations: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Clean Criminal Record

You’ll need to show the Korean government that you have a spotless criminal history with no past charges, arrests or convictions. FYI: Drinking and driving charges will likely disqualify you from securing jobs. 

Clean Bill of Health

Because of strict visa policies, candidates are required to show they have adequate health. There’s a 2-step verification process which includes a signed health statement and physical exam which will take place in Korea.

Sense of Adventure!

Last but not least, you’ll need a strong sense of adventure! Korea isn’t a scary place to live but it’s a long ways from home. 

What documents are required?

You'll need the following list of documents to secure your job and visa

All teachers will need to collect, and eventually submit, a number of documents. These documents are necessary when applying for your work visa with Korean Immigration.

Don’t sweat it if some of the mandatory documents seem complicated or difficult to attain. Seoul Teaching will guide you through the respective steps and provide valuable tips and instructions along the way.

Required Documents Explained

See what documents you'll need to collect and eventually submit
Valid Passport

Your passport must be from one of the designated countries which are listed above. Additionally, you will need at least 12 months remaining on the expiry date.

Bachelors Degree

Any type of Bachelors Degree (BA, BS, BED, BAS, BFA, other) will qualify you as long as your degree was conferred from an institution that resides within one of the designated English speaking nations.

University Transcripts

Transcripts, sometimes referred to as academic records, aren’t mandatory for all types of jobs in Korea, but they are needed by most. Transcripts should be sealed in an official university envelope.

Criminal Record Check

The Korean government will only accept criminal record checks at the federal level. FBI checks, RCMP checks, basic disclosures, police clearance certificates.

Passport Photos

7 official passport photos will be needed. You’ll need to have the photo taken and issued by a professional passport photo developer. Make sure they date stamp each photo!

Immigration Forms

A school employment contract, E2 health statement questionnaire, visa application form and others, will be required. Seoul Teaching will provide all of these forms as needed.


Notarization's | Apostille Authentications | Consulate Stamps

In addition to collecting the necessary documents listed above, candidates must also have certain documents ‘AUTHENTICATED’ with notarization’s, apostille’s and consulate verification stamps. Documents which require authentication will include your criminal record check and degree (the physical certificate).

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