RCMP Background Checks

All Canadians are required to submit national level criminal record checks issued directly from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In addition to the RCMP background check, Canadians must have the report ‘authenticated’ by one of the Korean Consulates in Canada with a consulate verification stamp. Canada was not part of the Apostille treaty which is why you need the consul stamp instead of the Apostille.

How to order your criminal record check from the RCMP

Step-by-step instructions
Step 1
Determine how you will order your RCMP check
There are 2 ways to secure finger-print checks from the RCMP. The first way (old school method) is by having your fingerprints taken on a paper fingerprint card then mailing the card to the RCMP along with the respective application form. We don’t recommend using the paper card and snail mail method because it can takes upwards of 2 months for the RCMP to process your request, it’s incredibly slow! The alternative way of doing it, and the method we highly recommend, is through a digital finger-printing service whereby your fingerprint card is submitted to the RCMP electronically. This method has a 5-10 day processing timeline so it’s substantially faster.
Step 1
Step 2
Decide where you will submit your electronic fingerprints to the RCMP
In order to get your fingerprints taken and submitted electronically you’ll need to find a private ‘digital finger-printing service’ such as Commissionaires or Clear Need (links to both of these sites are listed at the bottom of this page), or you can have them taken at your local police station if they have digital finger printing scanners available. So you know, many police stations do not have digital scanners so give them a call before you make the trip.
Step 2
Step 3
Order your RCMP check
Once you've figured out what service you're going to use, give them a call and make an appointment (if necessary). When you arrive they'll ask you to fill out a form and pay a small service fee before they take your fingerprints. After that, they'll take your finger-prints and submit your information directly to to the RCMP for processing. The official paper copy of your RCMP check will arrive at the address you entered on the form within 5-10 business days.
Step 3
Step 4
Authenticate your RCMP check
Once you receive the hardcopy of your RCMP Check you need to bring it to the Korean Consulate in your region, along with photo ID and the processing fee, and ask them to authenticate it for you. The Consulate will sign and stamp your original RCMP Check in order to verify it for the Korean Immigration office. They can sign and stamp your check on the spot if you visit them in person, or you can mail it to them with a prepaid return address envelope and they'll stamp it and send it back to you. And that's it, your RCMP check is now ready for Korean Immigration purposes.
Step 4

RCMP Check Notes

  • You need to have your original RCMP check authenticated by the consulate – not a notarized copy of it.
  • The Korean Consulates in Canada have minor variations in their policies for authenticating documents.  Make sure to speak with a representative from the consulate you plan on using before submitting your original RCMP check for the Verification Stamp.
  • The RCMP does not keep your fingerprints on file, nor will they add your fingerprints to the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records. 
  • RCMP Website

Related Links

Digital Finger Printing Services in Canada
 1. Commissionaires – Visit Website
 2. Clearneed – Visit Website

There are other services as well and you’re free to use whichever you choose.  Just make sure the service you go with is sending your electronic finger print card directly to the RCMP and not a third party.  Korean Immigration will only accept checks that have been issued directly from the RCMP.

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