FBI Background Checks

Americans are required to submit national level criminal record checks from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Additionally, Americans need to have their FBI reports ‘authenticated’ with an Apostille from the US Department of State. Korean Immigration requires both, the FBI check and the respective Apostille, in order to process your visa application.

How to order the proper FBI check

  • All Americans must secure a nationwide CRC from the FBI.
  • The date of issue on your check must be within 6 months of your contract start date.
  • All Americans must have their FBI check authenticated with an Apostille (Korean Immigration will not accept your check without the Apostille).

Through an Approved Channeller

Recommended method

Americans can use a private company to attain their FBI check, as long as the company is an ‘Approved FBI Channeler’. Just so you know, there are countless companies out there that offer third party FBI checks, but there’s only a small handful of Approved Channeler’s – there’s a difference!

The reason we recommend using an Approved Channeler, as opposed to ordering it directly from the FBI, is because of the turnaround time. Channeler’s can have your check issued directly from the FBI (which is a Korean Immigration requirement) on your behalf within 5 – 10 days.

The Channeler we recommend using is called Accurate Biometrics.  Just so you know, we’re not affiliated with them nor do we receive a fee for referring their services.  We recommend them because they’re fast, reliable and have clear ordering instructions.

Accurate Biometrics Website

If you decide to use an alternative company then please make sure they have ‘Approved Channeler’ status before ordering.  Otherwise the check won’t be accepted by Immigration.

Directly from the FBI

Only if you're applying 4+ months in advance

The reason we don’t recommend this method is due to the unknown processing timeline. When you order your check directly from the FBI, how long it takes them to process your request and send you the paper report, varies depending on how busy they are. If you’re lucky, the FBI will issue your check within 10 – 20 days, however, it can takes more than 2 months when they’re busy!

FBI Website

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