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Our commitment to you!

About Seoul Teaching Inc.

Seoul Teaching is a foreign English teacher recruitment and job placement agency. Based in Toronto, we mainly represent North American graduates from the US and Canada but we’re happy to assist candidates from other English speaking countries as well, including Brits, Aussies, Irish, South Africans & Kiwis.

We Care

About the people we place and the schools we represent

Recruiters involved in the overseas teaching industry tend to get a bad rap. Some of the criticisms are warranted, some’s not. 

  • We care about our applicants who depend on us to provide accurate information and professional assistance from start the finish.
  • We care about the schools and programs we work with in Korea. They rely on us to provide them with great teachers!
  • We care about the integrity of Seoul Teaching and work hard to build trusting relationships with everyone we work with.

Transparency Matters

Accurate information is key

We don’t ‘sugar coat’ the information we provide. We believe it’s imperative to provide candidates with accurate details. This includes; job specifics, school history, location information and everything else that pertains to the services we offer. 

Seoul Teaching Fees

It's totally free!

There are no fees, upfront, hidden or anywhere else! All of our services and 100% free, forever! Furthermore, we do not take a percentage or cut of your salary once you begin working, guaranteed. The salary you qualify for will be based on your experience and credentials alone, our services do not impede your earning potential.  On the contrary, we’re here to help you land the best salary possible!

How does Seoul Teaching generate revenue? Schools and programs in Korea pay a flat rate fee for providing them with amazing foreign teachers. Note: The entire ESL industry in Korea, and East Asia, operates this way.


We've Been There

All former English teacher

We’ve done it! Each of our coordinators have spent an extensive amount of time living and working in South Korea. We understand the obstacles associated with moving to a foreign country on the other side of the world.


Services we provide

All services are 100% free to you as an applicant - guaranteed!

Your personal coordinator will discuss your preferences and address your initial questions.

We’ll provide you with valuable interviewing tips and instructions before you conduct interviews.

After discussing your preferences we’ll match you with relevent schools and programs.

Straight forward instructions to ensure you’re collecting the right documentation.

We’ll present you with a school job contract and clarify the different stipulations within it.

Expert guidance you can trust. What, when, how and where to submit your visa paperwork.

How to prepare, what to expect, what to pack, money advice, mobile phone plans and more.

We’ll arrange an airport pickup service or coordinate your arrival with your Korean employer.

We’re here to help from the moment you apply, right up to the end of your contracted term.